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We've left our old site up if you are interested in learning more about trees.

Current Tree Makers

We taught a few people to build trees before we left the profession. Here's some contact information if you are looking for a custom, hand made tree.

Greg Cymbaluk                                            
Box 2162                                  
Alberta, Canada                                        
T0H 3N0                                                             
(780) 552-4143                                        
e-mail by clicking here 

Dusty Smith
113 Highway 20
Wyoming, USA
(307) 679-2252
e-mail by clicking here
WYO Saddles and Trees

Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System

This is definitely the best method we have found to communicate horse back shape over distance.

Anatomy Links

Here's a few links to good illustrations and/or information about anatomy. Enjoy!

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

This is where the great illustrations in the videos come from.

Inky Mouse Studios

This illustrator has some neat illustrations of the equine skeleton, the superficial muscles, and the deep muscles of the horse. She also has some of the hoof and other equine joints, so the site is worth exploring.

Anatomy of the Horse

Here's a whole anatomy book available on the web!

Inside Nature's Giants - the Racehorse

Here's a 46 minute video produced in Britain showing a partial dissection of a horse, emphasizing the things that allow them to be such incredible athletes.

The Boneman

He has books that teach you how to put some skeletons together. No horse, unfortunately, but some other mammals are close enough to get the basics.

Articulated Skeletons

This guy sells whole skeletons, but even if you don't want to buy, his pictures are fun to look at.

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