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We haven’t posted on the blog on our rodnikkel.com site for a while as life has been rather busy getting this new phase of our lives up and running. But just because we have been quiet doesn’t mean we don’t have more to say!

The hope is that over time we will move our saddle fit blog posts from rodnikkel.com over to this new site and add them to our organized lists in the Articles section. We'll see how life and time goes as to when/if this happens.

2017 June 22 4 Western Saddle Fit Articles.jpg

If you haven’t found it yet, we have categorized and organized all the blog posts about saddle fit from our old site and put up links to them here. This should help you find the posts more easily, and if you haven’t read them yet - well, what are you waiting for? 

2017 June 22 5 Well Beyond the Basics.jpg

Our Western Saddle Fit - Well Beyond the Basics  - is now available by streaming on Vimeo on Demand. There is a video on that page that tells you what all you will learn in that six hour series of videos. 

2017 June 22 6 7 Western Saddle Fit the Basics.jpg

And if you haven’t checked out our Western Saddle Fit – The Basics video yet, hop on over to that page. We have this available in both DVD and streaming on Vimeo on Demand. We also have a video on that page which gives you a taste of what you will see in our DVD. And, of course, you could always buy it, or share it with friends who need to see it… :)

So welcome over here!

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