• This video is a must for anyone who rides in a western saddle. David A Morris - Tree and saddle maker (NSW, Australia)
  • Your video explains precisely what I have had to learn by trial and error over many years and many horses. Laurie Knuutila - Saddle fitter (Alaska, USA) 
  •  If you have ever been frustrated with western saddle fit, you'd be very well advised to pick up a copy. Adam Till - Equine business owner (Alberta, Canada)
  • If ​​you are a beginner or been riding 50 years you can benefit from it. Brad Ford - Calf roper (Kentucky, USA) 
  • Now I understand a lot of the things I've read, but didn't really get. Clay Banyai - Rider and expert leatherworker (South Dakota, USA)

Learn from people who know Western saddles...

Having built thousands of saddle trees over more than two decades, Rod and Denise Nikkel share their expertise with you in their first 67 minute video that will teach you The Basics of Western Saddle Fitting. Whether you are a recreational rider or you ride for a living, whether you are a saddle maker, trainer or other equine professional, or you just want to learn more to benefit your own horses, this video will give you the information and confidence you need to assess whether this saddle will work on this horse - plus a whole lot more!

Western Saddle Fit - The Basics (DVD)

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  • It is high quality information from highly reputable source with clear and concise presentationMargaret Withers - Cinch maker (NSW, Australia)
  • I will be watching this over and over. Diane Kaser - English and Western rider (Michigan, USA)
  • I will definitely be using it to let my customers understand the why's and what for of custom saddles. Danny Buckley - Saddle maker (Florida, USA)
  • If I had a feed store it would be playing all day. Davis Reynolds - Saddle maker (Arizona, USA)
  • I find your DVD a valuable information source not only regarding western saddles, but saddles in generalSandi Vodnik - Saddle fitter (Slovenia)

There's more on this site than just the videos...

The Nikkels have published a blog on their saddle tree site, www.rodnikkel.com, since 2011. They put up many posts about saddle fitting along with the ones about trees. Now they have compiled and organized the fitting posts (there's over 100 of them!) into seven categories. Click on the links and prepare to spend some time reading...

Welcome to Western Saddle Fit!

Rod and Denise Nikkel have compiled their saddle fit blog posts and…

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Saddle Fit Basics

To gain a good foundation for understanding western saddle fit, start by…

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Position of the Saddle

The #1 saddle fit problem is putting the saddle too far forward on the…

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Factors That Affect Fit

Rather than trying on every saddle in the store, reading through these…

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Horse and Rider Effects

Horses vary in shape. Riders vary in many ways. This section has links that…

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Misconceptions About Saddle Fit

"Saddle fit" abounds in half truths, myths, misunderstandings and…

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Troubleshooting Saddle Fit Problems

A systematic approach to dealing with saddle fit issues gets you to the…

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Anatomy and Biomechanics

Learning how the horse is made and functions is as important as learning…

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Recent Articles

Rod and Denise Nikkel have compiled their saddle fit blog posts and…
To gain a good foundation for understanding western saddle fit, start…

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