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Welcome to our new site!

You may know us from decades operating as Rod Nikkel Saddle Trees. In 2016, Rod retired from building trees, but we are continuing to share our knowledge about how western saddles should fit via the videos (second one expected later in 2017) that you can purchase through this website. Click here to learn more.

The blog on www.rodnikkel.com, our last website, contains a lot of information about trees and western saddle fitting. We eventually hope to move the posts about saddle fitting over to this website, but in the meantime we have organized them into topics and have links to them in the rest of the pages in this Articles section.

For those who are not familiar with our old site, clicking the links in the Articles will take you to it. There you will will discover even more information about western saddle trees as well as western saddle fitting. For those who have read our other site, thank you! But please check out the compiled links in these articles. Who knows? You may have missed one or two of them...

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