Western Saddle Fit: Well Beyond the Basics

Western Saddle Fit: Well Beyond the Basics


We're still whittling away at the final production of this video, with no definite timeline on when it will be ready. If you want to be notified when it is available by streaming on Vimeo, please fill out the form on the bottom of our Videos page. In the meantime, our Western Saddle Fit - the Basics has LOTS of information in it that people don't know, and need to. So please check that one out!

This 4 - 5 hour long video is just what equine professionals - saddle makers, trainers, competitive riders, equine health workers, etc. - will find useful in understanding western saddle fit, but riders of all types who want a deeper understanding of the topic will enjoy it as well.

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It expands on the topics we cover in The Basics, plus gives you a lot more! 

Here's what you'll be learning about

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principles - 3 P's plus One
  • Helpful Analogies
    • How should a saddle fit?
    • Cutlery
    • Saddle fit and the bell curve
  • Proper Postion of a Western Saddle
  • Parts of the tree
  • Tree factors that affect fit
    •  Misconceptions about bars
  • Evaluating a tree - with examples
  • Parts of the saddle
  • Saddle factors that affect fit for the horse
    • Rigging - types and positions
    • Skirts, cinches, etc.
  • Saddle factors that affect fit for the rider
    • Seat
    • Stirrup leather position
  • Evaluating a saddle, including testing for a broken tree
  • Evaluating a horse for fit - with examples
  • Evaluating a tree on a horse
  • Evaluating a saddle on a horse - with examples
  • Padding
  • Effect of the rider
  • Signs of saddle fit problems
    • Checking for soreness, signs of damage
  • Breast collar and other tack
  • Flex tree and treeless saddles
  • Troubleshooting saddle fit problems
  • How to saddle a horse
  • Breaking in a new saddle
  • Anatomy
  • Myth-busting
    • You can't have pressure on the loin
    • You have to have a vertical cinch
    • The external abdominal vein
  • Measuring a horse for fit – aka communicating back shape
    • Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling system​​​
  • Conclusion

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