Western Saddle Fit - The Basics (DVD)

Western Saddle Fit - The Basics (DVD)


This is a sixty seven minute long video designed to help anyone who rides a western saddle to understand the Basic Principles that need to be followed for a saddle to work well on a horse. It isn’t in depth (after all, how much can you say in an hour? That’s what the "Well Beyond The Basics" video is for!). But it is thorough enough that anyone should be able to evaluate a western saddle on a horse and determine if this saddle will work on this horse.

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Be warned – you will want to stop it at times to check out the added pictures and text more closely, and you’ll probably want to watch it more than once. There’s a lot of material in this short video!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Introduction or “Why we think we have something useful to say.”
  • Basic Principles of saddle fit
  • Parts of the tree
  • Tree factors that affect fit
  • Bar misconceptions
  • Parts of the saddle
  • Saddle factors that affect fit
  • Safety
  • Evaluating a horse for fit
  • Seeing a tree on a horse
  • Evaluating a saddle without padding
  • Evaluating a saddle with padding
  • Signs of saddle fit problems
  • Effect of the rider
  • Padding
  • Saddling
  • Conclusion or “It’s really not that complicated.”

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